Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I have always loved Christmas time, but I must say that it is more exciting now that we have Oscar. I know he doesn't understand Santa and the excitement of the holiday but he still seemed to have a good time opening presents. He even got a little sad when a present was taken from him and given to another cousin at his grandparents house. Christmas morning was fun. After he got up he went straight for his gift from Grandma & Grandpa Larson and started playing with that. Santa brought him a Thomas the Train hut that as a tunnel leading into the hut. Santa wasn't quit sure if he would enjoy the tunnel just yet but Oscar got right down and crawled through the tunnel to hang out in his hut. Deke and him have already made a set of rules for the hut.
Thomas the Train Hut
He didn't need much help from us!
Playing with his gift from Gma & Gpa Larson
Entering the tunnel
Jumbo Legos (i'm sure i'll be picking these up more than i want too!)
A little something for me! I'm way excited, Deke did a GREAT job!!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I'm way excited to celebrate with my side of the family on January 13th, when my parents get back from their mission!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

With it being Veterans Day and the courts being closed (meaning Dad had the day off) we headed off to Hogle Zoo. First on the agenda was seeing the new babies that were there. Oscar seemed to have tons of fun. He fell walking with mom and ended up with some road rash on his head (you can see it in the picture of him in his stroller). We must admit we were a little disappointed in the zoo. Many of the animals were not out and it was a beautiful day! The highlights were the elephants, bears (which deke thought would be fun to feed pretzels too), giraffes and the wolf. Other than that there wasn't much to see. No lions, tigers or hippo. Maybe we will have to go when it is warmer so there will be more to see. I'm not sure the last time I went to the zoo but it sure seemed a lot smaller to me. I guess the last zoo I have been to was the San Diego Zoo on our honeymoon. And that zoo is huge!

We decided to get some lunch at Litza's Pizza. We love their pizza and Oscar sure loved it as well. We then hit Cosco to do some shopping before heading home.

We sure enjoyed spending the day with Deke! We love when we get to go do fun things as a family.

Our Halloween Elephant

I found this cute elephant costume at Walmart of all places. I think Oskie makes the cutest little elephant ever! Our Halloween adventure took us to Alpine to hang out with our friends the Clark's (minus Adam as he was at the Utah Football game with Deke). Natalie made some hummy Tempura to help us feel a little more healthy with all the candy that would be eaten. We than took the kids trick or treating (Oscar hangout in the stroller). I am so sad that I forgot to put the flashcard back in the camera and therefore do not have any pictures of the Clark kids in their cute costumes. Amber was Cinderella, Karli was Taylor Swift (hair and all) and Rex was a Sons of Anarchy motorcycle member with a hot pink mohawk (click here to see how cute they are). Thanks Clark's for letting us hang out and spending a fun night with us.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Starting to Take After ME :)

I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. Deke challenged me once to fall asleep at a concert we were at. And it seriously could of happened. So much to my surprise today this is how Oscar decided to fall asleep. Right in the middle of our lunch. I guess he was super tired because this has never happened before. We got up at 7 today and so I knew he was going to need an earlier nap so we ate lunch right at noon. I was sitting at the table enjoying my hot dog (thanks nat for sharing the secret about the low fat hebrew national, pretty tasty!) and reading the new forbes magazine we had gotten when I looked over and Oscar was totally falling asleep trying to eat his zesty tomato cheese puffs and string cheese. I just had to laugh. So like any good mom I hurried and documented the event with a short little video using my phone and then taking a few shots with the camera. Then of course, I got him out and put him down in his crib to sleep. I really never thought this day would come. I guess we have spoiled our little guy by rocking him to sleep for his naps and bedtime. That is why I am shocked he fell asleep on his own. I love that he has half the cheese puff still in his mouth. Reminds me of my sisters son Josh falling asleep with darts stuck to his forehead and chin.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Sleep Please...

Oscar got a pair of slippers like these from his aunt Shelly when he was just little and I loved them! Deke on the other hand thinks they are a little feminine like ugg boots or something. (he should be grateful that i haven't put leg warmers on our little boy, because i think they are the cutest!) The other day I was in Target and to my surprise found another pair just almost like his previous pair. So of course we HAD to have them. Now Oskie can wear his slippers around the house when it is a little chilly outside and keep his toes nice and warm. I love these things. How cute are they on my little boys feet?!?

I don't know what it is but lately i have had this itch for doing some crafty projects. I think it is with the season change and all the holidays that are coming up. So I have tried to find some cute little projects that I can complete. I am amazed at all the blogs that have these great tutorials on how to complete such projects. I find myself wishing that I knew how to sew. Yes mom you heard me right (you will be teaching me a few things when you get back JANUARY 7th!).

So this week started out with a bang! Monday and Tuesday I got to the gym early in the morning and was home showered and ready for the day before Oscar woke up. Wednesday was the day I really needed him to continue his great sleeping skills, but of course he didn't. Instead of an early gym sessions I got an early session with him at 5:30 and then threw us into a crazy morning as I tried to get him to my sisters and myself to the doctors by 9:45. Today was somewhat better but not by much, he slept until 6:30. Now I would give anything for his previous great sleep until 7'ish. Getting a text while I'm at the gym that my little bundle of joy has woken up and has cut into my workout time doesn't give me the motivation to keep this early morning schedule. So please sleeping fairies make my little oskie stay asleep until 7, so I can have a little session at the gym, which is much needed!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look Who is 1

**I saw this idea for appliqued onesies on my friends blog and had to make one
I seriously can't believe Oscar is already 1. Where does the time go? We celebrated his birthday on Saturday (his actually birthday was Friday). He had his aunts, uncles and cousins all help him celebrate this big milestone! He enjoyed feeding himself his own cake! He had so much fun playing with cousins and all his new toys!

Oscar is very into Wubbzy (hence the cake), trucks (i swear boys must come programmed knowing how to make car sounds because he already does this), getting into the kitchen cupboards, otter pops, dancing to music, giving his stuffed animals kisses, playing the air drums (but now he has his own drum to pound on), and getting tons of attention from his parents. He chatters all day long but isn't saying too many real words, just mama, dada and izzy (deke's parents dog). We love him so much and are so grateful for him. He brings us way to much happiness!!

**the masterpiece

**He loved opening presents and paid attention to all the gifts he received.

**Singing Happy Birthday, he looks ready to blow out the candles

**enjoying his very own birthday cake

**all done, clapping for himself!

Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating with us. Oscar is so lucky to have such a great family who loves him!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Few Videos for My Parents

**Don't you like his custom made onsie from Deke's friend?
Oskie is in full swing now walking all over the place! He is such a busy little boy! It was just over night I swear that he decided he didn't need mom and dad there to walk back and forth to. He could just go whenever he wanted to. He is loving getting into the cupboards and pulling out all the pots and pans he can get his hands on. I guess whatever keeps him entertained while I do the dishes or start dinner is fine by me. This first video is of him walking when he still wasn't very good at it.

There is a song by the Black Keys that Deke plays for Oscar. As soon as the music even starts Oscar knows what it is and starts to dance and smile. It is too cute! He also has a love for Jerry Lee Lewis as well. Here are a couple videos of our dancing boy!

We cut our little guys hair on Sunday. Deke and I took turns with the clippers. Oscar wasn't a huge fan of the ordeal but he did alright. He did need lots of comforting afterwards. He just wanted to be held by one of us and we were trying to get ready for church. Needless to say mom and dad need more practicing but over all it didn't turn out to bad. He sure makes him look older to me!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Last few months...

So I really have been meaning to post for some time. My mom says she checks everyday for new pictures of Oscar (I must be the worst daughter in the world)!

Where does the time go? Oscar is approaching his 1st Birthday. I can't believe it has been a year. He is so busy! He is walking somewhat back and forth from person to person. Ever day he gets more brave in taking steps while no one is there. He does crawl like a mad man. He will find anything to get into if you turn your back for a second. He jabbers all day long too. Not to many real words yet. We are working on them. Mama seems like all for now. I have a feeling he is going to be just like his dad and have a million things to say.
*We attended a family reunion in June in Ophir. Oscar had fun
relaxing in a chair and crawling in the grass (at first he didn't
like the feel of grass but it doesn't seem to slow him down anymore!).
I survived the Wasatch Back thank goodness! It was harder than I imagined. Running on no sleep is pretty difficult. Deke is the best dad ever! He was so excited to have Oscar during the Wasatch Back (remind you Oskie still wasn't the best at taking the bottle). He did fabulous with him! They played and played and had tons of fun. It was good I was nervous for the race because I didn't have much time to think about how things were going at home. I swore I would never do it again (during and right after the race). But now that it has worn off, I will be out running next year if at all possible. Why would I do this to myself again!!
L to R Kim, Angela, Me, Rachel, Karli and Tara
*Our team name was We Run for Tight Buns (i was wishing mine
would be a little tighter training for this thing, but i swear
training makes me want to eat more!)
*My Sister Rachel and Me
Rachel my sister and I ran on the 4th of July in a 15K in Hyrum. It was a fun run down the Black Fork Canyon. We both really enjoyed it. Maybe it will become a tradition!?! I hurried home and made it to the end of the Grantsville parade. Oskie was enjoying the bands and all the loud sirens. We then headed back to Deke's parents for a BBQ and then headed home for some sleep needed by Oskie and myself. We ended the day with shaved ice (yum TigersBlood) and putting Oskie to bed and enjoying the Grantsville fireworks from our front yard.
*Seriously he did enjoy the parade. The last picture he is pretty serious in.
I have enjoyed getting together with my sisters and friends whenever possible! We are excited to get Oskie into the swimming pool. We were going to take him this weekend but decided to wait due to the 100 degree weather. We don't want to fry the little boy, but I would like to report it appears he didn't get my freckled skin HOORAY!!! He is sporting some very nice tan legs due to all the time he spends in his stroller while we run around town. He did finally fall asleep the other day which he hasn't done in months!
*Too precious! Look at how he clenches his hands in fists
while he sleeps. I think he gets that from me, oops!
Well we are hoping the rest of the summer doesn't fly by! Hopefully I will be better at blogging!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

9 Months Old

Oscar is now 9 months old. He has been so much fun the last couple of days. He just got over a rotten cold he got from his dad. So he is feeling better thank goodness! He is pulling himself up and walking around whatever he is holding on to. He isn't so interested in crawling. He still does his army crawl but won't get up on all fours. He is still way into food. If you are eating and not sharing with him he makes this smacking noise to let you know he wants some. He will eat anything you give him. He is loving our morning runs and does so good. He just talks to himself or watches the cars drive by. He loves to watch cars. Deke will turn on car racing and Oskie will seriously watch for 20 mins as the drive around. Can you tell we can't get enough of our little guy! We love him so much!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Deke's Big Day

Friday Deke got got admitted to the Utah State Bar. So he is a legal attorney now. I can't believe this journey is over. 3 years surely went by fast. The ceremony wasn't too exciting. A judge talked way to long in my opinion. I guess I stopped listening after his first 2 points (he had 13). I guess the highlight of his talk were the 5 P's Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. I guess my mind and focus was more on trying to keep Oscar entertained. Thanks to all those who came and supported Deke. I am so proud of all of Deke's hard work! Today was his first day being able to go in front of the judge. He said everything went well. I am just glad that he is loving what he is doing. I think he likes his job too much because he leaves the house around 7 and doesn't get home until 6 most nights. I am trying to be understanding with the long hours but will admit that I have a hard time some days (when Oskie isn't feeling good and I'm ready for a break). Deke would now like to be referred to as Esquire by all :)!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Things Going On...

A few things have changed for me. They released me from nursery. Shocking I know. I thought I was doomed for another 3 years of nursery leader (which really wouldn't be all that bad). My new calling is Beehive Advisor in the Young Womens. I taught my first lesson on Sunday. I think it went ok. Our YW suffers in our ward. There aren't too many girls. I had 3 girls in class on Sunday but 2 of the girls really aren't in YW yet (they turn 12 in May, the bishop said they could come so a less active girl wouldn't have to be alone). They were fun and more talkative then I was expecting so that was good. I need to be better through the week getting things together so I don't stay up until 1:30 Saturday night getting my handouts and things together.

Oscar is getting so BIG! He is learning tons of new things. He claps his hands and shacks his head no. He begs for food when he sees others eating (that one not so cute, a little annoying sometimes because he doesn't give up until he gets many bites). We have retired the little bath tub and he now takes baths in the big bath tub. He likes it even more than his little bath. He splashes like crazy and has tons more room. He has officially cut his 7th tooth now. I swear he is going to have a full mouth full by the time he reaches 1. He is still the BEST, even if he didn't want to sleep last night and deprived his mother of much needed sleep. He still isn't fully crawling on all fours. He scouts and will rock up onto all fours but when he tries to move forward he face plants it into the ground. Maybe one day he will figure it all out.

Derrick is enjoying work (which is good)! He doesn't dread going in every day. We went shopping on Saturday to get him some new suits and boy are those things pricey! Atleast I think he now has enough to be a respectable attorney. His parents were nice enough to purchase a suit and men's warehouse had buy one get one free so that worked out good. But you would think that alterations were included for free. NOPE, you have to pay extra to actually get them to fit you. I don't understand this but oh well, what can you do. A couple more ties and a pair of new shoes and he is set for now.

Here are few new pictures of our pride and joy!!

Doesn't he look cute in yellow!

Playing with his new tool kit. Doesn't he look so much older!

Oskie Enjoying his Swing

I just love his laugh! I enjoys being outside. He loves to just watch the cars drive by. Hopefully the weather will be nice all week so we can go for walks again. I am so sick of the rain and wind and cold! I would really like to enjoy Spring weather before it gets too hot!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yummy Fondue

Nat, I stole this picture from your blog :)

My friend Natalie invited me to take a fondue class at Thanksgiving Point with her. The class was taught by someone from the melting pot and now I have a few of their recipes to make. She demonstrated how to make the fondue and then we were all able to taste it. It was excellent! It was fun talking with Natalie and seeing her cute family again. Her girls Amber and Karli are always entertaining and Rex is the most laid back little boy (maybe Oscar could take some lessons from him)!

Sitting Up

Oscar is getting BIG way too fast! He is sitting up all by himself now. He is getting so good at it. He still is scooting everywhere and rocks back on his knees but still no attempt to crawl. One day he will figure it out. It is funny to watch him scoot though. He scoots just far enough to be in reach of what he wants. He doesn't over scoot. He has been saying MaMa for awhile now but I didn't think he knew that it meant me. But Deke and I are convinced he does know. He only says it when I'm around or he is trying to get my attention. It is so cute and melts my heart. We are working on the DaDa word now. He has been laughing so hard lately at silly things we do. I never thought such a small little being could bring so much JOY to my life! He continues to be the BEST!!

**Don't pay attention to all his drool, I think he is cutting a few more teeth. He already has five.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Videos of Oscar

Sorry for the quality of the video. I recorded it with my cell phone next time I will use our digital camera. Enjoy Grandma and Grandpa! I wish you were here to enjoy your cutest little grandson :) I can't believe how big he is getting. Time goes by way too fast! They are just short 30 second videos. And the picture gets better after a few seconds.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Lastest of Little Oskie

Don't let the above picture fool you. Oscar does not take a binkie! He sometimes likes to play with them and bite them but that is about it. I know one day I will be happy he never took the binkie because then I won't have to take it away from him. But he does look so cute with it in his mouth!

Deke thought it would be so fun to have Oskie sit in his empty Diet Pepsi box. Dad are you jealous? I know you would be if they weren't vanilla. Hopefully Germany has plenty of Diet Pepsi for you to partake of!

Our Brother in Law thought Oskie needed to get back to his roots of Michigan and came home from the temple dedication and let Oskie use his hankerchief for his Doo-Rag! Deke gave him the nickname of Vanilla Face Killer! What a stinkin' cutie!

He is so much fun these days! Deke has been teaching him how to shake his head No. He is eating tons of food! And Mom's food is always the best he thinks. Atleast I'm willing to share. Lately he has been into Izzie (the dog). Deke takes him out every morning to say hello to her and he gets a big smile on his face. He tries to grab her hair and Izzie is so good to just lay there and take his abuse.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March already

We have been enjoying the sunshine the last week! Oscar loved swinging in the swing outside and going for walks. He is so curious as to his surroundings lately. He wants to see everything! I was sad to wake up to snow on the ground this morning. Deke is all done with the bar thank goodness. Now we just get to wait 8 to 10 weeks to find out the results. He started back at the law office in Tooele yesterday. I'm glad he loves the practice of law and gets excited about it!

Life with Oscar and I are pretty much the same. Yesterday Oscar scooted for the first time to get something within his reach. He rolls all over the floor like crazy now too. Before he did it but I think he now understands he can get things by doing it. He will get up on all fours and just rock back and forth but no crawling yet. He sits up pretty good on his own, but will fall over after awhile. At his 6 month checkup he was 28 inches long and weighed 15 1/2 pounds. Needless to say he is tall and skinny. They said his ideal weight for his height would be 20 pounds. So we are going to try and fatten him up. He loves food and wants to eat everything we are eating. His top teeth and coming through now too. One has broken through but the other one is on its way. We are both looking forward to more sunny days and spring! I can't wait for the tulips! I love spring time, just wish it would come faster and last longer!