Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Poor Little Guy

These pictures were taken earlier today. Oscar was in a good mood all day today. We went on a walk and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, went grocery shopping and stopped by the library to visit dad. At 7 I started his normal bedtime routine, rice cereal and bath. While feeding him his rice cereal he kept gagging but seemed fine. He was a happy boy in his bath no big deal. I was getting him into his PJ's and he threw up. He seemed fine after it was all done. Deke got home from studying and was holding him and he threw up again all over. Tons more this time. I felt so bad! I don't know what was wrong. He didn't act like he didn't feel good. I don't know if he just ate too much or if he ate something bad. I did buy him some new crackers at Walmart that are made in China (now that I checked the package). I just felt horrible for him. It is never fun to throw up. Hopefully it was just a fluke thing and he will be the same happy boy tomorrow.

Where Does the Time Go?

Our little boy is now 6 months old. He is getting so big! We can't get enough of him!

Things that he loves:
Food (anything and everything, if he sees me eating he wants some.)
Baths (he gets so excited and when he say Splash he goes crazy splashing in the water)
Playing (he loves to play all day long, sometimes not very good by himself but if you are there to play with him he loves it)
Wonder Pets (he is still captivated by this TV show)

Things he doesn't like:
Bottles (HELP!! it is driving me crazy and makes me so nervous for June when I will be away from him for more than 24 hours)
Binkies (any and all kinds and we got the cutest binkies as a gift that say Oscar and Stud Muffin)
When one of us leave a room and he sees us (if you can sneak out without him watching then he is ok but if he sees you walk away he wines immediately.

I took this picture with my phone so I could text it to Deke while he was in Fayette studying for the Bar. I was way impressed while how well Oscar smiled for the picture. He was being cuddly (he usually doesn't like to be up on my shoulder) and I just held the phone up and told him to smile. I think it made Deke's day. We sent many pictures to remind Dad what he was missing out on at home. We are so excited for Wednesday to be over so we can have make all to ourselves. He has been studying like CRAZY! Only 4 more days to go, I can't wait!!

My Two Dogs!

This picture was taken awhile ago, but these are my dogs! They mean the world to me and make me so happy every day! How grateful I am for them. They are going to be partners in crime when Little O gets a little older. Deke and I laugh when people say "You just wait, I'm going to teach Oscar some many bad things that you taught my kids." Because we both know Deke will teach him those same bad things so he can drive me crazy!! Sure will be fun for me!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


So today at church a guy played an arrangement of I Know That My Redeemer Lives. This has been one of my favorite hymns for a long time. The arrangement was pretty and I enjoyed listening to it. As I sat listening all I could think about was my mom and how she was always practicing some arrangement of the hymns for prelude music or something. I miss hearing the piano being played. Music is such a powerful way for me to feel the spirit. I know that this hymn is one of my mom's favorites as well and she has a hard time getting through it without tears. I find myself having a hard time as well. The words are very powerful!

So I like to sing songs to Oscar throughout the day and when I am rocking him to sleep. I find myself singing the same songs over and over again. So I ask this question to whomever, What songs do you sing to your little ones?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Cutest Little Laugh in the World

I love how Oscar's face lights up when he laughs! Deke and I can't keep from smiling when we watch this video. He is sharing his giggles more often these days. He is the BEST!