Sunday, December 9, 2007

My day in court...

Saturday I went with Derrick to class so I could be a witness for him in his trial skills class. Derrick thinks it is funny that I was nervous but I really didn't know what to expect. I read over my deposition many times and Derrick asked me questions to make sure I knew what was going on. But when it was all said and done I kept my cool on the witness stand and actually had a fun time doing it. When I was cross examined by Derrick's classmate that was a little scary but it went good. It was fun to see what my dog has been doing in law school. Derrick did a good job, I was impressed. I got to sit through the end of the trial where he gave his closing statement. I met his buddy professor that he goes to the coffee shop with. He told me that Derrick will make a great attorney. It is hard for me to believe that this journey is almost over. The time here in Michigan has gone by fast, I'm ready to be back home but I can't believe where the time goes. It feels like we just got here in ways.

Deke has been busy preparing for his final that is Wednesday. I'm excited to have my husband back when he is done with everything. He has been putting in some long days and nights. I swear last week we spent no time together. Hopefully the next two semesters won't be as busy at the end of the semester. Everything should be winding down now.

We are looking forward to our trip home in a week and half. We will be seeing everyone very soon!

Friday, November 30, 2007

I have been a slacker!!

So I am not much a blogger. I knew I wouldn't be very good at this. Here is an update on what has been happening here in Michigan.

Derrick's parents came out for a visit over Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house and Adam and Natalie Clark (our friends) came over with their two adorable little girls Amber and Karli (they provided much entertainment as usual). Dinner was good, I have had better turkey but what can you do. Everything else was great!

Friday we just hung out in Lansing for the most part. Deke and Stephen headed off to the movies and me and Lola headed to the mall.

After Deke’s class on Saturday we headed down to Cleveland. We didn’t get there until later on that night so everything was all closed up. We went to dinner and the Winking Lizard (deke’s favorite spot in Cleveland) and then just hung out in the hotel room talking and watching football.

Sunday we headed to Kirtland. When we arrived at the Church’s visitor center Lola’s cousin was serving a missing in Kirtland so he was our tour guide. He did a very good job and had many things to tell us. Then we drove up to the temple and waited forever for a tour. The Community of Christ has possession of the temple and so they have scheduled times when they take the tour. So we hung out for about an hour and then were the only ones on the tour. The temple is cool it just has a different spirit about it then Kirtland. It was interesting what we were told about the temple and what happened there. To us it seemed like they left off one of the most significant events that happened there. Makes you question if they really understand the importance of the temple and all that took place there.

Monday Stephen and Lola headed back to the airport for their long flight home. Derrick and I had a really good time with them here. It made me realize how nice it is to be with family on the holidays! We are glad they made the trek out to the Great Lakes area. We hope they enjoyed their time here.

Work is pretty much the same old thing. Derrick is very busy trying to finish up the semester and study for a final. He only has one final this semester but he is loaded with tons of assignments to have done by the end of next week. He has to prepare a trail for next Saturday and guess who is star witness, ME! I am going to blow the case wide open for my Dog! Hopefully he will get to relax after his final in a couple of weeks before we fly home for Christmas. I haven’t official started the count down that is Joshua’s job (only 19 more days!).

Well I hope everyone is in good health and getting excited for Christmas, I know I am. I can’t wait to be back in Utah with our family and friends.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ode to Grimmy and Special K

Make sure you catch the last 20 seconds at the end. Too Cute!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Our 4th Anniversary

Wednesday was our 4th Anniversary. Deke earned some points by sending these flowers to me at work. It was totally unexpected. Deke doesn't send flowers too many times (it was his 3rd time) so needless to say he surprised me. I ordered him a picture of Maglio Ordonez hitting the game winning home run in the 2006 ALCS series. He didn't get it yet, it won't arrive until November 22 but it will be framed and everything when it gets here.

My dog had class until 9 that night but he came home to a yummy candle light dinner that I had prepared. I would have to say that it was probably my favorite anniversary so far. Hopefully there will be many more to top this one to come, hint hint dog ;) Both of us can't believe where all the time has gone. I'm so thankful for my dog and all he does for me. He is too good to me. I'm looking forward to the future and all it holds for us! Love you dog!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Happenings

I live for the weekends and they come and go so fast. Friday after work my dog and I headed to the movies to see American Gangster starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. We were both pretty excited for the movie and were maybe just a little disappointed with it. It was a good movie don't get me wrong but it wasn't all that we had hoped it would be. Friday night we decided to go grab something to eat at Wendy's and after we shut the locked door to our house Deke realized he didn't have the keys. We tried to break into the house through the kitchen window that worked for us the first time we locked ourselves out of the house. But the windows were locked so there was no getting in. We walked over to our friends house to get the number to call for someone in the complex to come let us in. Thank goodness he called right back and came and let us in. Needless to say I think we have learned our lesson to lock the door after we leave the house.

Saturday around 11 at night we decided to head to our most favorite place on earth, Meijer (a grocery store chain here in Michigan). We decided it was time to take back all the empty pop cans to get the 10 cents back that we were already charged (they make you recycle your cans to get the 10 cents back). Well we load them all up (and it had been awhile so we had few) and head to our favorite place in Lansing. On the door to the store they have posted that the bottle return is full so they are not able to return any pop cans. This did not go over well with us but what can you do. So we had to put them back in the car and bring them back home. Not very productive shopping trip. I would switch to a different grocery store but our choices here are very limited and Kroger (the other grocery chain here) has already made us both pretty mad we have sworn off shopping at that store.

I have to give a SHOUT OUT to Karli today, it is her big 30th Birthday! Kar, I hope you had a good birthday! I'm glad that we have stayed friends for all these years! I hope you will always be a part of my life. I tried to call but I'm sure you are out celebrating. I will give you ring tomorrow to see how the big day was.
Just remember that... 30's HOT!!

Kite Runner

I just finished reading the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to any readers out there looking for a good book to read. They are releasing a movie in December based on the book. Deke's dad was reading it when we were home in August and recommended it to me. Hopefully the movie will do justice to the book. Check out the trailer...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Check it Out

So My Dog thought up this clever name for my blog (he says it is my porn name, take the name of your first pet, and the street you grew up on) and I couldn't pass up the chance to use his cleverness! Now I will have to come up with things to post about. My life is pretty uneventful, I just work 5 days to get 2 days off. And I can't tell you how I look forward to those 2 days off. We have been here in Michigan for a little over 2 years now, only 1 more to go! We are both looking forward to no more exams! I'm sure Deke is a little more excited than I am since he is the one that as to do ALL the studying. Hopefully one day his life won't be as stressful, but I doubt it. Is life ever less stressful?