Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Sleep Please...

Oscar got a pair of slippers like these from his aunt Shelly when he was just little and I loved them! Deke on the other hand thinks they are a little feminine like ugg boots or something. (he should be grateful that i haven't put leg warmers on our little boy, because i think they are the cutest!) The other day I was in Target and to my surprise found another pair just almost like his previous pair. So of course we HAD to have them. Now Oskie can wear his slippers around the house when it is a little chilly outside and keep his toes nice and warm. I love these things. How cute are they on my little boys feet?!?

I don't know what it is but lately i have had this itch for doing some crafty projects. I think it is with the season change and all the holidays that are coming up. So I have tried to find some cute little projects that I can complete. I am amazed at all the blogs that have these great tutorials on how to complete such projects. I find myself wishing that I knew how to sew. Yes mom you heard me right (you will be teaching me a few things when you get back JANUARY 7th!).

So this week started out with a bang! Monday and Tuesday I got to the gym early in the morning and was home showered and ready for the day before Oscar woke up. Wednesday was the day I really needed him to continue his great sleeping skills, but of course he didn't. Instead of an early gym sessions I got an early session with him at 5:30 and then threw us into a crazy morning as I tried to get him to my sisters and myself to the doctors by 9:45. Today was somewhat better but not by much, he slept until 6:30. Now I would give anything for his previous great sleep until 7'ish. Getting a text while I'm at the gym that my little bundle of joy has woken up and has cut into my workout time doesn't give me the motivation to keep this early morning schedule. So please sleeping fairies make my little oskie stay asleep until 7, so I can have a little session at the gym, which is much needed!!