Friday, November 21, 2008

Rival Week

With the big game scheduled for kick-off at 4:00, there is no question what we will be watching on TV (minus all the flipping my husband must do to avoid commericials and check on the other games). Who will I be cheering for? Yes, I have married into a family that despise the Cougars and anybody that has met my dad knows he is a HUGE Cougar fan! So my whole life I have always cheered for the Y. When Deke and I got married, Deke wanted to buy season tickets to the U. Of course I went to the games and cheered for the Utes (this was a first in my life). When the big rival game came that season I dressed in my Blue and went and sat among the enemies. I will admit I was a little bit torn who to cheer for because it was the year Alex Smith was the quaterback for the Utes and the year they could break into the BCS. So in the end I was happy to see the Utes win and head to the Fiesta Bowl and show that the BCS was a big joke. I will admit though ever since that game I am a closet Y fan still. I keep quiet around my in-laws and hope for the Cougars to do their best. I was sad to see the Y lose to TCU and wished for them to hand the Utes a lose too. So tomorrow I will dress myself in blue along with my little Oscar (oh his dad will be so mad!) Too bad little O doesn't have a Y onesie to sport to show his Harris pride as the Cougars Rise and Shout!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So it has been awhile. Not too much has been going on. Saturday I enjoyed lunch with some friends from high school I haven't seen in years. It was fun to go around the table and here what was going on in their lives. Deke kept Oscar and let me enjoy myself but things didn't go great with Oscar. He did take the bottle thankfully and was finally sound asleep by the time I returned.

Sunday we made it to church and I got to experience the nursery. I feed Oscar the first hour pretty much and made it in time for snacks and coloring. The kids were pretty good and there aren't too many of them. Deke left a little early with Oscar, but in all it went good!

Tuesday Deke didn't go to work since the courts were closed for Veterans Day. So we went to lunch and Walmart (my least favorite store). Oscar did pretty good. He slept through lunch and cried a little in Walmart (but who wouldn't). I always enjoy Deke hanging out with us! We miss him so much the next day!

Last Friday was Deke and I's 5th anniversary. We didn't go celebrate anywhere (I guess that is what happens when you have a newborn). We had tons of offers for people to take him but just wanted to all stay together! Hopefully one day it will be easier on us to leave him. Anyways I got the best gift ever in August when I became a mom!

Oscar is going to be 3 months old on Friday (where does the time go). He is getting so big and fun! He smiles at anyone who comes up to him. He loves to talk to his Dad! My new favorite thing is while he is eating he will look up at me and smile. He has rolled over from his tummy to his back quit a few times now. He is getting so close to laughing and reaching for things. His sleeping is getting better, still not the best (atleast for his mom). I know he can go longer without food because he did it for a week. But I guess I can't complain he usually gives me 5 to 6 hours straight and then goes right back to bed after he is done eating. Now if he will just enjoy his car rides. I guess we will find out tomorrow if he is better on his trips into Salt Lake (I am finally getting my hair done, it needs it in a bad way!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For Real

Shocking news, I have been called to be in the nursery in our new ward. Can you believe this? Not only have we only been to sacrament meeting twice since we moved back to Utah, I just previously got out of my Lansing Ward were I served in the nursery for 2 1/2 years. So I'm not sure if I just scream nursery leader or sucker? I'm not real sure how this is all going to work out. Having a new baby and all. I feel like I have accomplished tons just getting to church on time and staying through sacrament meeting (because it is about 10:30 that Oscar is ready to eat again). On the good side there aren't too many kids in the nursery and there is someone else in there, so I won't be alone. I'll let you know how things go next week.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Activites

Halloween was a lot more exciting then in years past. In Lansing all we did was hand out candy to the trick or treaters. So this year it was fun to get dressed up (even though I struggle with costumes) and go to a couple of parties. Deke's friend Jacob's parents had a party the weekend before Halloween. Deke went as Babe Ruth (hence the Yankee garb) and Oscar went as a Tiger. I guess I went as a new mom because I didn't have time to get ready before the party as I was feeding Oscar.

The Monday before Halloween, Shelly (Deke's sister) had a fun party at her house. I dressed up as Huck Finn and Oscar again was the Tiger. This time Deke did not dress up because he didn't get home from work until 8:30. The party was a hit! The kids enjoyed hitting the pinyata and getting the candy. Pumpkins were carved and good food was served. I would have to say that Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth stole the show with their costumes. But it was fun to see everyone dressed up. I am already trying to think of a costume I can wear next year so I will be better prepared! Hope you all had a fun Halloween. I still think it is crazy that November is already here.