Sunday, September 21, 2008


Oscar wanted to say Peace to Ambee, Carlos and Sexy Rexy!

**And no we didn't stage this photo.

Oscar in his cute towel

Oscar still is not a fan of his bath. He did better this last time but he screams so bad when he gets one (my sister Alayna can confirm). Oscar has this little thing that drives Deke and I crazy! When he cries really hard he will hold his breath. We then have to blow in his face to get him to start breathing again. It is the worst when we are in the car and we can't do anything about it. It freaks us out!

New Pictures

I've been promising to post new pictures of Oscar, so Deke had a little photo shot outside with him on Friday and took some. Enjoy!

Our cute little bear (check out the top of the hood).

Oscar is 1 month old in these pictures. I can't believe how much he has changed in 1 month. He is getting so big!

He was bright eye during this ordeal of taking his picture. He is actually wearing his 0 to 3 months clothes now for the most part. He has gotten to long for the newborn clothes.

Deke's parents dog Izzie is getting to know Oscar. She likes to lick his feet and gets concerned when he cries.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So things are going pretty good. Our little Oscar has his fussy time from 10 to midnight it seems. He is so tired but just fights going to sleep. Deke and I keep telling him he is ruining his chances for any siblings but he doesn't seem to care. Other than that he does really good. He eats like a champ (i swear i am always feeding him) and looks like he is put on even more weight from when he was weighed last week at the Dr (he weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz). I have even started putting him in his 0 to 3 months clothes. I tried to go to the grocery store last week and thought everything was going good and lingered a little longer than I should of and Oscar started screaming. Oh the joys and I made a big first mom mistake and took him out of his car seat to try and calm him down (I've learned my lesson, just leave him in the car seat). We have been going on walks and he loves that, he sleeps really good! We even ventured out to dinner with some friends on the weekend and he did really good. Now when they came back to the house with us was another story remind you it was 10 o'clock. All in all we are doing good.

Deke is loving his internship. They are in court everyday. He is eating it all up! He almost got to go in front of the judge and do a motion by himself (Jacob was busy taking care of something else) but at the last minute Jacob returned and took care of it. His paper he did on DUI's is coming in handy. But he is just learning tons and enjoying himself. It is fun to see him in his suit and tie everyday. I think we will need to invest in some more work clothes for him.

Monday, September 8, 2008

We are here....

Well we have arrived in Utah! The flight wasn't all that bad. Oscar did really well, I was a little nervous because we had to sit on the plane before take off for an hour due to thunderstorms, but he just slept soundly in his sling (thanks Lola, it was very handy). He cried a few times but for the most part it went pretty smoothly! The most eventful thing on the trip was Jerry Sloan was on our flight. He sat 3 rows behind Lola in first class. He said Oscar has great potential!

Deke arrived late Friday night and we were so excited to see him! It was a long drive and he doesn't plan on doing it again! They left around 11 on Thursday and pulled into G-ville around midnight Friday night.

Oscar is being spoiled by all his Aunts. They love to bounce him and he sure enjoys that. Friday I went into Riverton so my 2 sisters could met Oscar. It was so good to spend time with them. Being in the Sandy area was weird though without being able to see my parents. It makes me miss them tons! But how I love to hear their voices on the phone. I will for sure inform my little Oscar that he has another set of grandparents that love him so much and can't wait to meet him in 18 months!

Deke started his externship today. And good news we got another call on our townhouse. Hopefully one of these people will make a decision and buy it!

Oscar has finally decided that he likes his swing-hooray! He has been sleeping in it for awhile now. It sure lets me get some stuff done. I don't know how all you Moms out there get things done with a newborn. It was all I could do to get in a 20 minute workout session on the bike, then rock Oscar back to sleep, jump in the shower, feed Oscar, have a little playtime and tummy time and then get some lunch for myself. Still no makeup on and do you ever get to do your hair? I'm sporting a ponytail for the 4th day in a row :) But I sure love him!