Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Shower at Work

On Tuesday my work gave me a baby shower. I was overwhelmed with their generosity and all the wonderful things that we received. They did it during our lunch break and served pizza and salads. Everything turned out so nice. My good friends Caroline, Lisa, Alaina and Brett did most of the planning and then others helped out by bringing in some of the side dishes. It was a lot of fun! My friend Caroline made the giraffe in the pictures and Nancy put together the cute diaper cake. I came home and Derrick couldn't believe all the things that we received. Later that night laid everything out on the spare bed so I could take pictures. I am such a dork!

I think we are pretty ready for this little boy to arrive. We still need to get the car seat and stroller but other than that I think we are set for now. I'm sure there will be things that come up. We are trying to only buy things that we need for the first little bit so we don't have to pack everything back to Utah.

I am starting to realize that our time here in Michigan is almost over and I think it will be harder saying goodbye to the good friends I have made then I thought it would be. We have been so blessed during our time in Michigan. Things have worked out so well for us. We are amazed how our Heavenly Father is so mindful of us and knows what is the best thing for us even when we don't.

The count down is on...Only 4 more weeks to go! We are getting so excited to hold and love our son! We just hope and pray that he will be a healthy strong little guy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July festivities

Ever since we moved to Michigan I have always felt bad because I know how much my dog loves the 4th of July. It is probably his favorite holiday. His family always does a big get together ever year and I know how much he enjoys it. I must admit our 4th of July festivities have probably been disappointing since we moved to Michigan. Last year we went to a parade out in Mason that was really depressing and we swore we wouldn't go back. So this year there wasn't much on the calendar. We invited our friends the Clarks over for a BBQ. But didn't have anything else to fill the day.

We headed to Bob Evans for some hummy breakfast when we rolled out of bed (it was nice we didn't have to deal with a crowd because of the time) It sure hit the spot! We then just hung out at home, Deke watched a documentary but didn't get to finish it because the cable went out with 20 mins left in the show. He was a little disappointed. I made my dog's favorite 4th of July foods, baked beans and potato salad minus the celery and onion (and he was tons of help!!). He loves these foods and I new that if I had them then I could help him still love the holiday. Our friends came over and we grilled some steaks, which was a nice change (seems like we always do hamburgers). They have the cutest kids and I think having kids around on the holidays makes things more fun. When it got dark they did sparklers and a few other fireworks. Turned out to be just enough excitement for the kids, and I know I liked not having to deal with traffic that goes with going to watch fireworks!

In all it turned out to be an enjoyable day. Hope the 4th will stay my dogs favorite holiday! Hopefully Michigan hasn't ruined it too much :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

6 of My Many Quirks

1. I can be annoyed by the most minimal things. Some of the little things that drive me crazy is bouncing of ones foot or tapping of fingernails. One that lately really gets to me is when Deke and I are sitting on the coach watching TV, he will have his arm around the back of the coach and switch the channels. The clicking of the remote so close to my ear drives me crazy! I try to be patient and give him a few minutes but after a few seconds all I have to do is look at him and he knows. Something I need to work on I know!

2. I can be a horrible back seat driver. Deke has given me the name of MapQuest because he says that I always know the best way to go.

3. I am anal about laundry. So many of my clothes I don’t but in the dryer and am terrified that if I allow Deke to do it he will forget and shrink my stuff. Needless to say I am the one that does most of the laundry.

4. There are some things I just love but can’t bring myself to spend the money on them. One thing is professional product for my hair and smelly hand lotion or candles. I love it when I do buy it (or get it as a gift) but hate spending the money on it. There are so many other things I would prefer to spend my money on.

5. I am a little ornery if woken up from a nap. I would like to state that I have gotten better over the years (especially since I got married) but my family and roommates learned quickly that I wasn’t in the best of mood if I was woken from a slumber, that I oblivious needed. Sleep is precious to me, I am trying to get as much as I can NOW!!

6. When I workout I love to sweat! I go to the gym to sweat and workout and not socialize and just go through the motions. I get annoyed by those that stand around and socialize and occupy a weight machine for 30 minutes. I sometimes wonder why I even go and get annoyed with all those that are there. I guess when I am on a cardio machine I have plenty to watch and be entertained by! Deke and I love to share stories with each other what we saw at the gym that day.

I tag Alayna, Rachel and Jennica