Thursday, January 29, 2009

4 more weeks to go!

So yes I am on a countdown to when Deke will be done with the Bar. I just can't wait to have a husband back and I know little O is just as excited as I am! In the morning Deke takes Oscar while I go to the gym and I know it is his favorite time of the day. I think he gets a little disappointed if I decide to take the day off because he then doesn't get his alone time with him.

Things that we have been up too:

I had a wonderful lunch at Cafe Rio with my 2 sisters last week. We laughed and had a good time! Oscar was so good to let us just talk each others ear off. I enjoy hanging out with my sisters so much I wish I could see them more often, they are my best friends.

After lunch I went to check out a jogging stroller I found on KSL. It was in great shape when I saw it and so I couldn't pass it up. Afterwards Oscar and I headed over to Target and did a little shopping. Why doesn't the Tooele Valley get a Target, things would be so much better if they did!

Friday I went and got a pedicure with my sister in law. Again Oscar tagged along with us and was so good to just sit on my lap and check out everything that was going on. My toes were in bad shape and really needed some work done on them!

Saturday was just nice hanging out with Deke all day! I look forward to the weekends because I know he will be around! After I put Oscar to bed me and sister in law headed to the movies to see Bride Wars. Such a cute flick!

Sunday Deke and I had to talk in church. The counselor didn't give us a topic to talk on so we picked to talk about Joseph Smith. Deke's mom hung out with Oscar at home so we would not be disrupted during the talks. I must admit I really enjoyed sacrament meeting. A missionary talked after us and he did a excellent job! Missionaries always impress me with how well they know the scriptures and how they can just rattle off a talk without preparing.

Today was such a beautiful day that I decided to test out the stroller, so Oscar and I went for a little walk. He wined for a little when he got tired and then fell right to sleep. I am excited to go running with him when it is nice outside. He will be my running partner.

Here are a few new pictures of our little boy. He is changing so much. He loves to eat! So far he has had sweet potatoes (are his favorite), squash, and peas. I got him some little puffs that are flavored sweet potatoes too. He has tried all sorts of my food lately. I know his favorite would be the fudgesicle he gets on occasion. He splashes like crazy now in his bath and gets water everywhere. He is rolling all over the room when I'm not in there. If I'm there he wines until I get him (what a stinker!) Oscar is getting easier and easier to go to bed too. He sleeps from 8'ish until 5'ish, what I would give if he just slept until 6. He does usually fall back asleep in our bed after he eats at 5. So I guess I shouldn't complain. Tonight I put him down and he was still awake and he didn't even cry for 2 minutes. Hooray! Deke and I think he is the BEST! How grateful I am that I am able to be a mom. Sometimes it is very challenging but so worth it!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Look who has 2 teeth

We are amazed that he has already cut 2 teeth and is only 4 1/2 months old. He didn't seem to crabby while it was all taking place. I have a feeling there are more on the way he still drools all over and his hand is always in his month, Plus he still isn't eating the best UGH!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

For My Parents in Germany

I wanted to post some film of Oscar doing some of his tricks and talking a little bit. I love the video of him talking (or not talking). He opened his mouth and the perfect time. Enjoy!

Consider yourselves lucky I am putting these up, I hate to hear myself on camera and I feel like such a dork! Hopefully this will not make you motion sick, please remember that I am filming and trying to get Oscar to perform all at the same time. Cut me some slack everyone, Deke!!

Oscar Eating Rice Cereal

We decided to give rice cereal a try. Oscar had started being curious about the food that we were eating and the Dr. said it would be fine if we decided to start him out on some cereal. The first attempt wasn't successful. The 2nd went better. But by the 3rd he was loving it. I just love these pictures of him sitting in the high chair. I think my boy is so big until he sits in the high chair and he looks so small to me.

Open up big!

Looking so satisfied!

Christmas and More..

So Oscar had a great 1st Christmas. He got spoiled a little too much by Grandma and Grandpa Larson (the majority of his gifts came from them) me and Deke did very little shopping. He now has plenty of things to entertain his little self! Are we horrible parents I didn't even wrap his presents and we let him play with them before Christmas.

Oscar sitting in his new chair that Santa brought for him ( grandma & grandpa Larson).

Oscar opening his very first present with some help from dad.

Playing with his new toy also from grandma & grandpa Larson.

Playing with his stuffed animal all the way from Germany from grandma & grandpa Harris.

The big highlight for me this Christmas was talking to my parents on the phone for over an hour! I find myself missing them more than I thought I would. I did live in Michigan for over 3 years and never really felt homesick too much. But being back in Utah and not seeing my parents when I want has been difficult. It was so good to talk to them and hear them so happy! I was expecting tears from my Mom and she didn't shed any. I think I was holding my back more than her. I also got to talk to them on my Mom's birthday on Jan. 1st and then helped them out on a card game they were wanting to play.

Oscar had his 4 month check up on the 26th and everything is good. He only put on little over 2 pounds in 2 months which had me worried but the doctor didn't seem too concerned. We decided to start feeding him a little rice cereal at night and by the 3rd feeding he was way into it and loving his cereal. He now gets a little bugged at me if I don't get it to him fast enough. (pictures are to come).
We went up to Logan to visit with my sisters. The ride up there was horrible. The roads hadn't been touched it seemed since the snow fall on Christmas. We made in 3 hours and decided to spend the night Oscar is a new kid in the car, thank goodness! He just plays and talks and then falls asleep! So nice he isn't crying the whole time anymore. Means I can actually start going places without worrying about the car ride!

Oscar has gotten his first 2 teeth. One morning one showed up and then a few days later the other one followed on the bottom. So cute, no wonder he hasn't been eating well! I have a feeling more are still on the way! He isn't even 5 months old yet.

Deke started his law review class at the U, so me and little O hangout together at night. We miss him tons but know he has to do lots of studying. Thank goodness it is only for 2 months and not a whole semester!

I feel like a new person. I have gotten back into my routine of going to the gym in the morning and if feels oh so good!! Hopefully I can finally get the rest of this baby (and holiday) weight off of me and get myself back into shape. I have been sore but it feels good to know I am doing something for myself that I love!