Friday, May 23, 2008

Surprise I posted...

So each time a finally post something new I make a new commitment to myself that I will post more often. But then when I think about posting, I really don’t have much to say so 3 weeks go by with no new post.

So what is happening in the Larson’s life?

Deke is super busy with school. How is this still possible? He is in his last semester of classes; I thought this school thing was suppose to get easier. Wednesday is his day from hell, he has 2 classes in the morning and then that night he has Bar Start. How he handles everything and still makes me feel like I am most important in his life is beyond me. Last Friday I came home from work to a very clean home. He had gone crazy! I tried to jump in and help but he wouldn’t allow it. He didn’t want me to have to do anything. He is too good to me!

I am feeling good. Nothing to unusual for a pregnant person I’m sure, but what do I have it to compare too. I’m trying to make it to the gym at least 3 times a week. Some weeks are better than others. I have this heart rate monitor that I programmed in fitness goals when I first got it. Every Monday you get a message letting you know how you did for the week. If you get pretty close to your goals you are rewarded with a Trophy. Well needless to say I have not received a trophy ever since I got pregnant. Oh well I guess I should change the monitors expectations so I can earn my Trophy!

My stomach continues to grow (the joys)! I am noticing that people only look at my stomach now when they walk by me. No more eye contact. I don’t know if I should be self conscious. Deke and I are starting to think of all the things that need to get done. The list is making us feel a little overwhelmed. Hopefully everything with the baby will go smoothly. We are really counting on him not arriving into this world until after Deke takes his last final on August 16th. He then has our permission to arrive as QUICKLY as possible. We are going to put our place up for sale at the beginning of June. Hopefully we will find a buyer before we leave Michigan so we don’t have to continue to pay for a place we aren’t living in. Where does all the time go? I can’t believe it has been 3 years since we left Utah. Our time in Michigan has just flown by. It is crazy to me that we are going to be parents to our little boy in 13 weeks. Way too much is going on but we are so excited to see what life has in store for us as we begin this new chapter. We have been so blessed with everything so far, we know that everything will work out!

I guess I had more to say then I thought this time around. Sorry to make this so long. Real fast wanted to wish my parents luck in all that they have going on too. They received their mission call on Wednesday and are headed to the Germany, Munich/Austria Mission. I think all us daughters were a little surprised with the location. Hopefully my dad can relearn his German quickly (he served his first mission in Germany) and help my Mom out! We will miss you immensely but are so excited for you!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Dr Appt...Yikes!

Well yesterday I had my 24 week doctor appt. Everything is fine. I had a shocker when I stepped on the scale. It was a little depressing actually. I was expecting to put on a little more than a few pounds but was blown away at the number. I knew I indulged a little bit in Chicago with all the yummy food, but I figured with all the walking we did it wouldn't be that bad. But it was... So, I have gone back to the drawing board and am re-evaluating all that I have been consuming. Hopefully the next 16 weeks I can keep things under control. The doctor didn't seem concerned he just said make sure I didn't have any more months like that one.

Other than my Dr appointment, nothing too exciting happening. We had a good time in Chicago. It was fun hanging out with Deke's little bro and wife. Did some things that were fun some things not so fun (I would not recommend going to the Science and Industry Museum if you aren't taking kids). I'm sure one of us will post some pics from the trip soon.