Monday, November 16, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

With it being Veterans Day and the courts being closed (meaning Dad had the day off) we headed off to Hogle Zoo. First on the agenda was seeing the new babies that were there. Oscar seemed to have tons of fun. He fell walking with mom and ended up with some road rash on his head (you can see it in the picture of him in his stroller). We must admit we were a little disappointed in the zoo. Many of the animals were not out and it was a beautiful day! The highlights were the elephants, bears (which deke thought would be fun to feed pretzels too), giraffes and the wolf. Other than that there wasn't much to see. No lions, tigers or hippo. Maybe we will have to go when it is warmer so there will be more to see. I'm not sure the last time I went to the zoo but it sure seemed a lot smaller to me. I guess the last zoo I have been to was the San Diego Zoo on our honeymoon. And that zoo is huge!

We decided to get some lunch at Litza's Pizza. We love their pizza and Oscar sure loved it as well. We then hit Cosco to do some shopping before heading home.

We sure enjoyed spending the day with Deke! We love when we get to go do fun things as a family.

Our Halloween Elephant

I found this cute elephant costume at Walmart of all places. I think Oskie makes the cutest little elephant ever! Our Halloween adventure took us to Alpine to hang out with our friends the Clark's (minus Adam as he was at the Utah Football game with Deke). Natalie made some hummy Tempura to help us feel a little more healthy with all the candy that would be eaten. We than took the kids trick or treating (Oscar hangout in the stroller). I am so sad that I forgot to put the flashcard back in the camera and therefore do not have any pictures of the Clark kids in their cute costumes. Amber was Cinderella, Karli was Taylor Swift (hair and all) and Rex was a Sons of Anarchy motorcycle member with a hot pink mohawk (click here to see how cute they are). Thanks Clark's for letting us hang out and spending a fun night with us.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Starting to Take After ME :)

I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. Deke challenged me once to fall asleep at a concert we were at. And it seriously could of happened. So much to my surprise today this is how Oscar decided to fall asleep. Right in the middle of our lunch. I guess he was super tired because this has never happened before. We got up at 7 today and so I knew he was going to need an earlier nap so we ate lunch right at noon. I was sitting at the table enjoying my hot dog (thanks nat for sharing the secret about the low fat hebrew national, pretty tasty!) and reading the new forbes magazine we had gotten when I looked over and Oscar was totally falling asleep trying to eat his zesty tomato cheese puffs and string cheese. I just had to laugh. So like any good mom I hurried and documented the event with a short little video using my phone and then taking a few shots with the camera. Then of course, I got him out and put him down in his crib to sleep. I really never thought this day would come. I guess we have spoiled our little guy by rocking him to sleep for his naps and bedtime. That is why I am shocked he fell asleep on his own. I love that he has half the cheese puff still in his mouth. Reminds me of my sisters son Josh falling asleep with darts stuck to his forehead and chin.