Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well it is only the beginning of June and they have already started!! During the weekend I have better control over the ugly beasts. Sitting at my desk all day isn't helping the situation. Deke is already referring to me as cankles. It will be interesting to see what other names he will come up with. When I really started showing he switched to calling me prego and yesterday he started in with cankles.

Jen I remember when you were pregnant with Spencer and you worked at the bank and were on your feet all day long. I remember how painful your cankles looked and how I never wanted to experience that unpleasantness. I knew it was bound to happen because my fingers will get a little swollen in the summer time here in Michigan because of the humidity. I just was hoping it wouldn't be until at least July. I can't stand looking at them, they are so gross!

Oh the things we go through for the little ones. I know it will all be worth it when I hold him for the first time!