Sunday, August 31, 2008

What is going on right now...

So Friday we took Oscar to the doctors again (the doctor said to bring him back right before we moved). He is doing so good! Deke and I had a bet going to see who could guess his weight. I said O would weigh 6 lbs 10 oz and Deke was guessing around 7 lbs. Needless to say I was closer, Oscar weighed in at 6 lbs 11 oz. Not too bad for just being 12 days old. So in 11 days he put on 9 oz.

Deke got a call on our place on Friday and some lady is coming to look at the place on Monday. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that she wants it. It would be so nice to be able to sell it and not have to worry about it while we are in Utah and count on our friend to show it too people. She is really interested in ours because it has central air.

Deke's parents came into town on Saturday. It has been nice to have them here. Oscar is getting to know his grandparents. They have been big help in watching him so we can get our stuff packed up.

I turn in my two week notice in Tuesday. I'm kindof nervous and I don't know why. I'm pretty sure my boss knows that I'm not coming back (she took away all my projects before I had little O) but I still don't like to do these things.

I'm getting super excited to be back in Utah on Wednesday. It is still hard for me to believe that we are finished here in Michigan. I'm nervous to be without Deke for a couple of days. He helps out so much with Oscar. He always makes sure I get atleast a good 2-3 hours of straight sleep a night which makes a world of difference.

We are still packing up our place but feel like we have gotten rid of so much! Deke has already taken one car load of stuff to goodwill. And we have thrown away so much. It has been good! How do we end up with so much stuff? Makes me scared to buy a house and live in it for years and years.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pictures that finally do Oscar justice

Here are some pictures that we took today after Deke went to Best Buy and bought a new camera that takes amazing pictures! Poor Oscar is probably so sick of his parents as we are snapping pictures left and right :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Pictures

So here are so more pictures of our Oscar. He is doing so good! We are having a hard time remembering what life was like without him here. We don't think the camera does justice for this little guy. He isn't a fan of the flash and always closes his eyes just when we take the picture.

His cute long feet! Dad is so happy he has the same feet as him because he think Mom has fat toes.

He takes his pacifier for the most part. He has a hard time keeping it in his mouth. We got this from the hospital and it smells like Vanilla.

Deke is so good with Oscar! I know Oscar adores his dad. I love seeing them together!

Oscar all swaddled up. He looks so warm and content. He loves to sleep like this. Even if we swaddle him super tight he still finds a way to get his hand out the top to touch his face.

Oscar after his bath. He smells so good I could eat him up. He does pretty good during his bath. He peed all over his towel though. He is pretty good at that. We have already had to change the sheets on our bed one night and taken him out of two outfits due to accidents.

Aren't the Olympics the Best!!

We just can't get enough of the Olympics. Of course our favorite was watching Michael Phelps. I don't think I could scream at the TV more when they barely beat the Frogs (French) in the relay race. Both Deke and I were pretty into that race. Deke even would watch gymnastic with me. We both were excited when Shawn Johnson got her Gold on the Balance Beam. She is a cutie! I love her smile. What happened with the Americans in Track and Field. I swear our runners are the best and they didn't even make it in the relays to the medal run because they couldn't pass the baton to each other. I felt so bad for Lolo when she hit the 2nd to last hurdle. Then to watch the Jamaicans run. Man can Usian Bolt run! What I would give to be able to run that fast just once. I can't imagine how it would feel to have the air hit my face as I ran down the track.

One of the events we watched and don't particular love is Diving. Deke thinks it is only far to put you in weight class because depending on how big or little you are he thinks plays a role in your splash. And let's be honest those Chinese girls are tiny! I swear they only weigh 70 pounds. I proceeded to say how there is no way I could jump off the high dive. It would freak me out. Deke then proceeded to paint a picture for me. He said he would love to do it. He would get himself a Confederate Flag (just to get a reaction from the judges) speedo and would jump off the high dive and pretend he was riding a bicycle into the pool. We both couldn't stop laughing! I was trying to feed Oscar so I was trying not to laugh so he would stay latched on but the more he painted the picture I could only imagine the sight of him jumping off the high dive in his speedo pretending he was riding his bicycle into the pool.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mini Leslie

Our friends the Clarks came over to see our new bundle of joy the other day. Nat posted this on her blog I'm Leslie. She is by far cuter than I am! Deke and I can't get enough of their kids. They were so nice to Oscar when they visited. They gave him lots of kisses. Their little boy Rex and Oscar are going to be partners in crime.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oscar Lloyd Larson

Oscar made his way into this world Thursday, August 14 @ 11:42 AM. He weighed in at 6 pounds 5.5 ounces (alot smaller than we both expected) and 21.25 inches long. Things went pretty good for the most part. We are sure enjoying our little O and think he is too cute for words! His little cry makes us both smile. We couldn't be happier!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Law School Class, Yippee!!

So my dog officially sat in his very last law school class yesterday. Can you believe it? He didn’t realize it until he was driving home and it didn’t even occur to me until he said something yesterday. I still have a hard time believing that this journey is over (atleast the class part of it, I guess it isn’t officially over until December and then the Bar in February). But still a huge chunk of it is done! I’m excited to have my husband back without the stress of class and finals always looming over his head. I am so proud of him and all the sacrifices he has made! He is such a hard worker! He has been through so much stress (especially this last semester with the baby and the move) and he still makes me feel so loved and that I am #1 in his life. I know I couldn’t of balanced my life in that way the last 3 years going through what he has. We both know that these last 3 years have brought us closer together and have made us depend on each other more than ever. Living away from family has been a good experience but we are excited to be closer than we are now. (FYI, I got my plane ticket yesterday and me and baby will arrive in Utah on September 3rd )

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Long Day.....

Today has been a long day. I started the day off calling in sick to work. I had a Dr appointment this afternoon and decided that I might as well make a whole day of it instead of working half a day. I hit the gym in the morning and then went to see the doctor. I found this appointment a little funny. To inform those that didn't know my blood pressure has been a little high at my last 5 visits. Last visit I was really swollen in my feet and legs and would like to think that contributed to the high weight gain for one week. So today I was curious to see how things would be. First my weight was down 3 pounds from last week so that was a good thing! Then when the nurse took my blood pressure it was totally normal 110/80. And my feet and ankles were not swollen. So needless to say I think I should take work off for ever doctor appointment I have left (even if it is only 2). I talked to the doctor about being induced if I go over my due date. He said it wouldn't be a problem if some things have progressed. So next week at my appointment they are going to check me to see if anything is happening. I don't really want to be induced, I'm just scared that labor will be longer and more pain full this way with my first. But to give me some time to recover and let Deke and I get a little used to being parents before we move (we are going to be cutting it close anyways) we have decided that it will be best to get things done if I go over my due date. We have decided to move back the first week in September. Deke just has to get through next Saturday and we are good to go.

I have spent the rest of the afternoon and night cleaning our place. We have an inspection tomorrow since we are selling our place. I must say things look really clean! It makes me wonder why I don't keep things up on a regularly basis. There is nothing better than a clean house! Now the goal is to keep things put away so when someone calls to come see the place (and hopefully they will) there won't be a mad scrabble to pick things up. I put together a little flier about our place because the office said they would mail it out for us to those that are going through the qualification process. Hopefully the pictures will draw someone to want to come and buy our place. I know when we looked at them some of the places we went into where in bad shape so hopefully that is how things are now!

I swear days that I don't go to work I feel like I work harder than when I'm there.

Yesterday Deke and I went to the hospital to take a tour of the facilities so we have some idea where we are suppose to go and what we can expect to a point. Deke and I couldn't believe that there were only 2 babies in the nursery when we there. We kept saying that if we were in Utah there would way more. Not that I feel more prepared to give birth but at least we know what doors to go in depending on the time of day this all takes place.

*Sorry if this doesn't read well. I don't have the energy to reread it and make corrections.