Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look Who is 1

**I saw this idea for appliqued onesies on my friends blog and had to make one
I seriously can't believe Oscar is already 1. Where does the time go? We celebrated his birthday on Saturday (his actually birthday was Friday). He had his aunts, uncles and cousins all help him celebrate this big milestone! He enjoyed feeding himself his own cake! He had so much fun playing with cousins and all his new toys!

Oscar is very into Wubbzy (hence the cake), trucks (i swear boys must come programmed knowing how to make car sounds because he already does this), getting into the kitchen cupboards, otter pops, dancing to music, giving his stuffed animals kisses, playing the air drums (but now he has his own drum to pound on), and getting tons of attention from his parents. He chatters all day long but isn't saying too many real words, just mama, dada and izzy (deke's parents dog). We love him so much and are so grateful for him. He brings us way to much happiness!!

**the masterpiece

**He loved opening presents and paid attention to all the gifts he received.

**Singing Happy Birthday, he looks ready to blow out the candles

**enjoying his very own birthday cake

**all done, clapping for himself!

Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating with us. Oscar is so lucky to have such a great family who loves him!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Few Videos for My Parents

**Don't you like his custom made onsie from Deke's friend?
Oskie is in full swing now walking all over the place! He is such a busy little boy! It was just over night I swear that he decided he didn't need mom and dad there to walk back and forth to. He could just go whenever he wanted to. He is loving getting into the cupboards and pulling out all the pots and pans he can get his hands on. I guess whatever keeps him entertained while I do the dishes or start dinner is fine by me. This first video is of him walking when he still wasn't very good at it.

There is a song by the Black Keys that Deke plays for Oscar. As soon as the music even starts Oscar knows what it is and starts to dance and smile. It is too cute! He also has a love for Jerry Lee Lewis as well. Here are a couple videos of our dancing boy!

We cut our little guys hair on Sunday. Deke and I took turns with the clippers. Oscar wasn't a huge fan of the ordeal but he did alright. He did need lots of comforting afterwards. He just wanted to be held by one of us and we were trying to get ready for church. Needless to say mom and dad need more practicing but over all it didn't turn out to bad. He sure makes him look older to me!