Monday, June 29, 2009

Last few months...

So I really have been meaning to post for some time. My mom says she checks everyday for new pictures of Oscar (I must be the worst daughter in the world)!

Where does the time go? Oscar is approaching his 1st Birthday. I can't believe it has been a year. He is so busy! He is walking somewhat back and forth from person to person. Ever day he gets more brave in taking steps while no one is there. He does crawl like a mad man. He will find anything to get into if you turn your back for a second. He jabbers all day long too. Not to many real words yet. We are working on them. Mama seems like all for now. I have a feeling he is going to be just like his dad and have a million things to say.
*We attended a family reunion in June in Ophir. Oscar had fun
relaxing in a chair and crawling in the grass (at first he didn't
like the feel of grass but it doesn't seem to slow him down anymore!).
I survived the Wasatch Back thank goodness! It was harder than I imagined. Running on no sleep is pretty difficult. Deke is the best dad ever! He was so excited to have Oscar during the Wasatch Back (remind you Oskie still wasn't the best at taking the bottle). He did fabulous with him! They played and played and had tons of fun. It was good I was nervous for the race because I didn't have much time to think about how things were going at home. I swore I would never do it again (during and right after the race). But now that it has worn off, I will be out running next year if at all possible. Why would I do this to myself again!!
L to R Kim, Angela, Me, Rachel, Karli and Tara
*Our team name was We Run for Tight Buns (i was wishing mine
would be a little tighter training for this thing, but i swear
training makes me want to eat more!)
*My Sister Rachel and Me
Rachel my sister and I ran on the 4th of July in a 15K in Hyrum. It was a fun run down the Black Fork Canyon. We both really enjoyed it. Maybe it will become a tradition!?! I hurried home and made it to the end of the Grantsville parade. Oskie was enjoying the bands and all the loud sirens. We then headed back to Deke's parents for a BBQ and then headed home for some sleep needed by Oskie and myself. We ended the day with shaved ice (yum TigersBlood) and putting Oskie to bed and enjoying the Grantsville fireworks from our front yard.
*Seriously he did enjoy the parade. The last picture he is pretty serious in.
I have enjoyed getting together with my sisters and friends whenever possible! We are excited to get Oskie into the swimming pool. We were going to take him this weekend but decided to wait due to the 100 degree weather. We don't want to fry the little boy, but I would like to report it appears he didn't get my freckled skin HOORAY!!! He is sporting some very nice tan legs due to all the time he spends in his stroller while we run around town. He did finally fall asleep the other day which he hasn't done in months!
*Too precious! Look at how he clenches his hands in fists
while he sleeps. I think he gets that from me, oops!
Well we are hoping the rest of the summer doesn't fly by! Hopefully I will be better at blogging!