Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Things Going On...

A few things have changed for me. They released me from nursery. Shocking I know. I thought I was doomed for another 3 years of nursery leader (which really wouldn't be all that bad). My new calling is Beehive Advisor in the Young Womens. I taught my first lesson on Sunday. I think it went ok. Our YW suffers in our ward. There aren't too many girls. I had 3 girls in class on Sunday but 2 of the girls really aren't in YW yet (they turn 12 in May, the bishop said they could come so a less active girl wouldn't have to be alone). They were fun and more talkative then I was expecting so that was good. I need to be better through the week getting things together so I don't stay up until 1:30 Saturday night getting my handouts and things together.

Oscar is getting so BIG! He is learning tons of new things. He claps his hands and shacks his head no. He begs for food when he sees others eating (that one not so cute, a little annoying sometimes because he doesn't give up until he gets many bites). We have retired the little bath tub and he now takes baths in the big bath tub. He likes it even more than his little bath. He splashes like crazy and has tons more room. He has officially cut his 7th tooth now. I swear he is going to have a full mouth full by the time he reaches 1. He is still the BEST, even if he didn't want to sleep last night and deprived his mother of much needed sleep. He still isn't fully crawling on all fours. He scouts and will rock up onto all fours but when he tries to move forward he face plants it into the ground. Maybe one day he will figure it all out.

Derrick is enjoying work (which is good)! He doesn't dread going in every day. We went shopping on Saturday to get him some new suits and boy are those things pricey! Atleast I think he now has enough to be a respectable attorney. His parents were nice enough to purchase a suit and men's warehouse had buy one get one free so that worked out good. But you would think that alterations were included for free. NOPE, you have to pay extra to actually get them to fit you. I don't understand this but oh well, what can you do. A couple more ties and a pair of new shoes and he is set for now.

Here are few new pictures of our pride and joy!!

Doesn't he look cute in yellow!

Playing with his new tool kit. Doesn't he look so much older!

Oskie Enjoying his Swing

I just love his laugh! I enjoys being outside. He loves to just watch the cars drive by. Hopefully the weather will be nice all week so we can go for walks again. I am so sick of the rain and wind and cold! I would really like to enjoy Spring weather before it gets too hot!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yummy Fondue

Nat, I stole this picture from your blog :)

My friend Natalie invited me to take a fondue class at Thanksgiving Point with her. The class was taught by someone from the melting pot and now I have a few of their recipes to make. She demonstrated how to make the fondue and then we were all able to taste it. It was excellent! It was fun talking with Natalie and seeing her cute family again. Her girls Amber and Karli are always entertaining and Rex is the most laid back little boy (maybe Oscar could take some lessons from him)!

Sitting Up

Oscar is getting BIG way too fast! He is sitting up all by himself now. He is getting so good at it. He still is scooting everywhere and rocks back on his knees but still no attempt to crawl. One day he will figure it out. It is funny to watch him scoot though. He scoots just far enough to be in reach of what he wants. He doesn't over scoot. He has been saying MaMa for awhile now but I didn't think he knew that it meant me. But Deke and I are convinced he does know. He only says it when I'm around or he is trying to get my attention. It is so cute and melts my heart. We are working on the DaDa word now. He has been laughing so hard lately at silly things we do. I never thought such a small little being could bring so much JOY to my life! He continues to be the BEST!!

**Don't pay attention to all his drool, I think he is cutting a few more teeth. He already has five.