Thursday, March 18, 2010


Last night after Oscar had a bath he wanted to read books. Oscar loves books. Most of the time he just wants to turn the pages but every once in a while he will sit through a whole book for me to read. Last night was one of those occasions. Deke always thinks it is funny to see Oscar with a binkie in his mouth so he gave him one last night. Oscar took a binkie for about the first month of his life and then has had nothing to do with it. So we always get a laugh when he puts it in his mouth. He looks pretty cute with it in. I surely don't want it to become a habit now though!


Natalie said...

Adorable! Rex is the same way with a binkie; he thinks it's hilarious to put Case's in his mouth, but really couldn't care less about binkies. Oscar is getting so big! We definitely need to get together again soon. Do you and Derrick want to go to Angels and Airwaves with us?

rebekah said...

He is way cute!

Jennica said...

Man he looks tuckered out, but oh so cute! I'm glad you're still blogging.....people sure have piddled out, including me.