Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun Day at the Pool

Since Deke didn't have to work on Friday we decided it was time to head to the pool. Oscar loved the pool last year, so I was excited to take him. We went to a pool in Stansbury instead of the Peak. It had 2 different pools; a little one for the little kids that was only 1 feet deep and then a bigger pool. Oscar loved the little pool he could walk around in. We took him into the big pool and he didn't like it so much, the water was freezing! i was glad to get out with him and head back to the little kid pool. Since the big pool was so cold the little kid pool was so crowded with some older kids. The older kids were really cute with Oscar. They shared their rocket and asked him to say all sorts of words for them. He loved getting the attention. He was super excited when his cousin Kaylee showed up and wanted to be with her in the big pool, but Dad couldn't hold him just Kaylee. We will be heading back to the pool more this summer. I am going to sign us up for a Mom and Tot class which should be fun.

Oscar wanting to go to Kayle instead of being with Dad.

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Jennica said...

He'll probably be a fish in water. The biggest part of teaching kids to swim is getting them so they're comfortable in the water, so keep it up girl, love that Oscar!